Strange Radio Album Cover (front).jpeg

Top Shelf Shake - Strange Radio EP

Our sophomore effort was released almost two years to the day after the debut EP. We chose the song 'Strange Radio' as the title track for this EP because that song is about following your dreams in a world filled with naysayers and more than anything, we wanted people to be inspired to do just that when they listen to our music. This album is also most notable because it features both our newest and oldest songs back to back. For instance, 'Bad For Me Blues' actually pre-dates the band itself(!) while the following track, 'Skip This Chapter' is our most recently written material. Starting off this album is yet another stoner track, aptly titled 'Head Change' and a hidden gem about our favorite Quentin Tarantino movie (see if you can guess which one!). 

Higher Education Front Cover_1600x1600.JPG.jpg

Top Shelf Shake - Higher Education EP

Our debut EP released in November of 2016. We decided to call it Higher Education in reference to both aspects of the music on the record. On the one hand the album is almost whimsical, with songs like 'Cant Stop Myself' and 'Carpet Shark', but on the other, it strikes a more serious tone with entries such as  'Officer Problem' and 'Generation of Change'. Altogether, the album perfectly captures who we were at that moment in time: just a couple of potheads having fun writing music and slowly but surely becoming aware of the problems in the world.